New vibe, new products

New vibe, new products

We’re making eco-friendly cleaning as easy as one, two, three with our new products. 

We hope you’re loving our new look and new vibe as much as we are, and we’re really excited to share our latest products with you, a fantastic new cleaning product and two new eco-friendly cleaning kits. 

With our new products, we’re making it easier than ever to clean green!

And don’t just take our word for it! We asked some of our VIP customers to test our new products and share their thoughts. 

Introducing our toilet cleaner sachets

Still cleaning your bog with bleach? Bleach based toilet cleaners can cause a pile of problems including polluting waterways, damaging the porcelain on your loo, and the fumes can be toxic and bad for your health. 

Luckily, there is another way! Our toilet sachets use enzymes to keep your toilet fresh. They’re made here in the UK and they’re just a sachet so require limited packaging so have a small carbon footprint, as well as being vegan and not tested on animals - yay! 

This non-toxic sachet just needs to be mixed with water and hey presto you’ve got yourself a bottle of eco-friendly and super effective toilet cleaner. 

If you need a bottle, we also have packs that come with a refillable and reusable glass bottle. As Jean, an EcoVibe customer discovered, the bottle is designed specifically for the job. “The toilet cleaner worked well, it was good having the nozzle at an angle to get the liquid to go under the rim.”


Ready to Get a Grip? 

Been itching to make the eco-friendly cleaning plunge for a while but not yet taken the plunge? Our new kit eases you in with a pick of some of our customer faves. 

One of our EcoVibe customers, Anna remarked, “My initial thoughts were that I liked the kit and the lack of plastic! (Also liked the lack of plastic with the packaging).” As with everything we produce and send from our store, cutting down on packaging is vital, and nothing we send out is ever wrapped in plastic. 

Each pack contains: 

2X Kitchen Cleaner Sachets. These coconut and lime scented beauties mix with water to create 500ml of kitchen cleaner per sachet. They’re made here in the UK, are vegan, cruelty-free, and plastic-free. 

2X Bathroom Cleaner Sachets. Gorgeous ylang-ylang scented sachets that work much the same as our kitchen cleaner and have the same eco-credentials. 

2X Glass Spray Bottles. Perfect for using our cleaning sachets in. Easy to use, reusable, and they look pretty great too. 

A pack of our Laundry Strips. These ultra-concentrated strips are super easy to use. Simply toss in the wash with your clothes and that’s it. A really simple way to cut out plastic from your laundry. 

A quick way to cut plastic and start your plastic-free cleaning journey, we know this will get you hooked. 

Here’s what some of our customers think of the kits! 

“I liked the kit as it's a good introduction to more environmentally friendly, plastic-free cleaning solutions.  It is good as a starter kit as once you have the spray bottles they can be used with whatever soluble cleaning sachets you like.” Rachel, EcoVIbe Customer

“The glass spray bottles are better quality than ones I have previously bought with what appears to be a more durable plastic sprayer. I think this is important as good quality glass spray bottles are part of your investment when starting out a journey towards eco-friendly cleaning.” Jessica, EcoVibe Customer


Feeling ready to jump in head first to eco-friendly cleaning? 

We love that for you! That’s why we’ve created an ultimate top-to-bottom house clean kit.

Introducing our Big Clean Kit which contains:

5X Antibacterial Cleaning Sachets. Each sachet is different. Try our bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, oven cleaner, glass and mirror cleaner, and floor cleaner. You can rebuy any of these sachets to refill products once they’re used up. 

1X Toilet Cleaning Sachet. Try our latest product. 

5X Glass Spray Bottles. For all your cleaning products. Our sachets contain adhesive labels for your bottles so you’ll never get mixed up.

5X Bottle Boots. Protect your bottles from breaking and stop them from scratching surfaces with these nifty rubberised bottle protectors. With a range of colours they’re also a nifty way of identifying each bottle. 

1X Toilet Cleaning Bottle. A sprayless bottle.

4X Cleaning Cloths. Our new compostable cloths are made from cellulose sourced from waste products from the sustainable forestry industry. 

This is a perfect way of getting that spring-clean feeling whether it’s a gorgeous spring day or a slightly damp autumn one. Plus all of these products are available on our site whenever you’re looking to refill or restock. 

Our bottle boots are a new product for EcoVibe and they proved popular with our testers. Jean remarked, “The silicon base does help with stopping the glass bottle from slipping and makes it less clunky/noisy when you put the bottle down so they are a good addition.” 

She continued, “It's 'fun' to make up the solutions, a bit like having a chemistry set. All the sachets seemed to dissolve quite easily.”

We can’t wait to hear what you think about our latest products. Make sure you tag us on social media if you share any cleaning tips with these or any EcoVibe products. We love to see it! 

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