Introducing Wilton London; An interview with the founder.

Introducing Wilton London; An interview with the founder.

We want to make buying eco-friendly products as easy as possible, whilst also supporting other independents!

We love adding new suppliers to our site, and we think our Vibers are in for a treat with this one. 

Wilton London create cleaning products using essential oils, because who likes the smell of cleaning products anyway? They use recycled and recyclable plastic, create biodegradable formulas, don’t test on animals, and all their products are Vegan Society certified. 

We had a chat with one of Wilton London’s founders, Sam to get to know their story, and products! 

What made you want to start Wilton London?

Sam explains that Wilton London was set up after realising that the current market of eco-friendly cleaning products didn’t always perform well, and that they often smelt really unnatural.

 “I started mixing up my own essential oils into fragrance-free detergents and shared them with friends and family who soon started to ask for their own bottles”. The goal was to create products that smell as good as a candle, and so, Wilton London was born. 

How important was it to you, that your products were able to be made in the UK?

From the start, Wilton London has put their eco-friendly credentials at the heart of what they do.

Sam continues, “it made sense that the products were made in the UK to reduce and keep carbon emissions as low as possible. I also wanted to support the UK economy and not be shipping in products from China. A lot of ‘eco’ brands choose to do this and for me, it wasn’t the right thing to do”. They tell their customers, “you don’t have to choose between style and efficacy or eco and ethical”, and we couldn’t agree more!

For those who aren’t aware, are Wilton products vegan friendly?

It may be hard to believe, but a lot of cleaning products are tested on animals or are derived from animal products. For Wilton London, being Vegan Society approved was something really important as it shows that they won’t do either. 

Wilton are BCorp certified - which is pretty impressive, let’s hear how it felt to achieve that status

The team have added their impressive credentials with a recent BCorp Certification and the team are really proud of their achievement.

Sam explains, “it was a long but amazing process which took about 6 months but we were so proud to achieve this certification as it a great way for us to grow as a business. We see BCorp as a guide on how to be an amazing business for both our products and people”.

As well as being environmentally and people-focused the team also cares about their customers. One of their tag lines is “making cleaning less of a chore” because they want to make their products enjoyable and fun. For Sam, it’s about creating cleaning products that smell great, work effectively, and don’t damage the planet in the process. 

Wilton London definitely passed the vibe check, but what about their products? We asked some of our EcoVibers to test the products we’re launching on our site, and the results were really positive. 

Their washing-up liquid proved a crowd-pleaser. 

Viber Priscilla remarks “I like the bottle shape and the look of it at the kitchen sink. Reassuringly thick consistency which has everlasting foam bubbles in a bowl of hot water. The dishes wash really well with no streaking and are squeaky clean.”

Another Viber Isabel found that the liquid has a thicker consistency which initially proved a bit challenging as she was squirting too much out. However, with a thicker consistency, “this could be a positive as if I manage to reduce my squirting then the product will last longer!” 

You can check out the Wilton London Washing Up Liquid now!

We’re also launching fabric conditioners and laundry liquid in our store, both in cedarwood and jasmine - you can definitely feel the fancy candle vibes with these scents! 

Viber Sheridan shared her experience of using the laundry liquid as a mother of a young baby. 

“The performance was great. I have a 3-month-old and we use reusable nappies - white - and some of them were stained a bit yellow, after washing with the product, based on hard water and very dirty for the measurement they all came up looking very clean! I will buy it again!”

We love to hear how effective these products are and that they’re working well on sensitive young bums. 

Inspired by Sheridan’s example? Check out the Wilton London laundry products.

Why we chose Wilton.

We’re so excited to be introducing new eco-friendly independents into our partnership library, and Wilton London seemed like a match made in heaven. 

They align with our vibe, they’re eco-friendly, care about our planet, and their products are amazing! So, we want to showcase them to our customers.

Ready to give them a go? Check out the EcoVibe x Wilton London range here. Make sure you tag us in your hauls and let us know what you think!

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