Introducing Wild: the latest natural deodorant

Introducing Wild: the latest natural deodorant

Ever wondered why you should make the switch to natural deodorant? 

Wild create delicious scented natural deodorant in vivid reusable packaging. As well as being an enviable addition to your makeup bag, handbag, or gym bag it doesn’t contain any nasties and is great for sensitive skin. 

We’re psyched to have Wild as the latest brand to join the EcoVibe family and we hope you love them too. 

Let’s tell you a bit more about Wild, shall we? We introduce you to this amazing company, their products, and why you should make the switch. We’re pretty sure by the end of this you’ll be Wild converts too. 


Who are Wild

Wild is on a mission to reduce the waste coming out of our bathrooms. 

The team behind Wild realised that less than 50% of our bathroom waste was recycled, compared to 90% in the kitchen and they wanted to make a change. So in 2020, they launched Wild, a natural deodorant that works, with no single-use plastic packaging, in a refillable case that lasts a lifetime.

At Wild though, they didn’t want to be like every other natural deodorant. They wanted to be different. As well as actually working, they wanted to create robust packaging that looks as cool as their eco-credentials.



All customers have to do is select a case, choose a scent, use up the natural deodorant, and when it’s done replace it with a new refill that's compostable once it’s used. Every time you refill, you’ll save 30 grams of plastic going to landfill, so just think how much that would be over a lifetime! 

Struggling to find a natural deodorant that works? The team at Wild have tested their formula on “certified sweaty people”, clocking up over 6000 5* reviews and providing 24 hours of protection from body odour. 

Powered by plants, they’re certified vegan and cruelty-free and Wild even plant a tree every time they sell their product - something Wild and EcoVibe have in common. 

Wild are partnered with ONAMISSION to grow their very own Wild forest. So far they’ve planted a whopping 50,000 trees and counting, so by switching to Wild you’ll help them plant even more!

Getting to know Wild’s products

Wild’s formula contains tapioca starch, an absorbent powder that keeps you dry, without blocking your sweat glands and baking powder, which is naturally antibacterial. In comparison, aluminium salts in highstreet deodorants can block your sweat glands and they also cause those pesky yellow stains, so switching to a natural alternative is great for your white tees!



As well as looking sleek and stylish, the anodised aluminium cases (not the same as aluminium salts) for their natural deodorant sticks are lightweight and durable so they can be used again and again. We think the cases look amazing and can’t wait to show them off. Plus in 2021, Wild and their customers saved 61 tonnes of throwaway plastic all while making bathrooms across the UK smell delicious - Amazing! 

When you’re ready to refill, your refill comes in a case that’s 100% biodegradable bamboo pulp which is recyclable or compostable. Yep, you can simply pop it in your compost bin when you’re done with it.

We’re going to have starter packs available in two of our favourite scents, Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and Coconut & Vanilla, delicious!

Starter packs have everything you need to get started - an aluminium case and a cartridge of deliciously scented natural deodorant. 

The two scents are customer, and EcoVibe, favourites. Fresh Cotton and Sea Salt is inspired by newly-washed linen drying in a cool ocean breeze, perfect for the escapists among us while Coconut & Vanilla gives you a touch of the exotic. 

Both are vegan, all-natural, and won’t be hiding any nasties. When you’re ready for a refill, we’re stocking up on those too, so you can get your next refill along with all of your other favourite EcoVibe products. 


Natural deodorant hasn’t worked for me in the past, what am I doing wrong? 

Firstly, we totally get it, we’ve been there too, and secondly making the switch to any natural product (see shampoo bars) can take some time for your body to adjust to, so perseverance is key. The main reason for this is that your body gets used to chemicals, and needs some time to detox while you make the switch. 

Here are some tips from Wild about making the switch.

  1. Skip deodorant for a day 

This is a great way of kickstarting the unclogging of your pores and allowing your body some time to detoxify. 

  1. Day one of Wild

Some people find that the body overcompensates for the lack of aluminium-based antiperspirant and overcompensates by producing more sweat. This is normal and will pass. 

  1. Day four of Wild

Your body will start to adjust. If you’ve been using Wild a few times a day, start to cut this down. 

  1. Day seven

Our bodies are pretty amazing and you’ll find that your body will have found its sweat equilibrium. Wild should now start offering you 24 hours of protection against odour!

Ready to start a truly Wild journey?

We’ve told you a lot more about who Wild are and why we at EcoVibe are pretty obsessed with them. We love their packaging, their eco-credentials, and they’ve made a product that works. 

We’ve also given you a bit more of an insight into their products and how they work. Who knew natural deodorants would leave those yellow deodorant stains? 

And finally, we’ve covered what you can expect in your first week of using a natural deodorant, a how-to guide that will mean you get to enjoy Wild for a lifetime. 

We’re so excited to stock their products.

What are you waiting for? 




As always, we’d love to know if you end up trying Wild and how you get on, so make sure you comment below or tag us on social media.


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