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Introducing Our New Eco-Friendly Baby And Child Product Range

Finding new ways to help protect the environment is something we love to do at EcoVibe. From offering tips on reducing plastic waste, to championing brands who’re pushing the conversation about sustainability, we’re on a mission to empower people to make a positive change one step at a time!

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new eco-friendly baby and child product range. The collection features a variety of items that your kids are sure to enjoy and are great for the environment.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the products from the collection and see what the benefits are.

Recycled Plastic Changing Mat

plastic free changing mat

One of our favourite eco-friendly baby items, this mat is made from recycled polyester yarn, which adds up to four recycled plastic bottles for every mat. With a fluffy top and waterproof underside, it’s comfortable for your little one and you can take it with you anywhere.

The fact that it’s made from recycled materials means you can do your part for the environment too. The mat saves plastic from going into a landfill, so it really is a product that’s suitable for an eco-friendly household.

Silicone Building Blocks

silicone baby building blocks

Want to keep your toddler entertained and help to improve their motor skills at the same time? Our silicone building blocks are ideal for playtime! Colourful and striking, the blocks are sure to stand out and encourage your children to investigate.

Another great thing about the blocks is that they are Bisphenol A (BPA) free, protecting a child against harmful chemicals that can be found in plastic products. Plus, the silicone material is gentle and makes it easy for a baby to hold with confidence.

Bamboo Bathing Apron 

bamboo bathing apron

Bath time is a great time for parent and child bonding. It’s a time for laughter and smiles and our bamboo bathing apron will keep the smiles coming even after your baby comes out of the bath.

Made from bamboo, the apron is super comfy and soft, perfect for drying off your child. It can also be attached to yourself like an apron, so you stay dry as well. No need to worry about keeping hold of a slippery two-year old!

Pomegranate Teething Toy 

baby teething toy

Teething doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you or your little one. Our pomegranate teething toy is completely plastic-free and designed to help with teeth growing.

Crafted from silicone, the teething toy is soft in the hands and mouth. What’s less harmful to the environment is less harmful to your infant.

Bamboo Rainbow Plate

rainbow design bamboo plate for baby

Looking for a way to make mealtime more fun? We’d recommend our eco-friendly rainbow plate.

Split up into various sections, the plate separates different food and also comes with a cup section. This means all the food will stay on the plate and you can enjoy a relaxing meal without worrying about the baby dropping things on the floor.

With the plate being made out of bamboo, it’s a great item to have in the house and promotes sustainability.

Bamboo Baby Spoon And Fork Set 

baby bamboo spoon and fork set

Another awesome addition to eating time is our bamboo spoon and fork set. It’s important to give your children utensils that are easy to hold and sturdy enough that they don’t break if a meal gets messy.

The spoon and fork set solve this issue by being lightweight and durable. The handle grip is soft, while the shape is flexible.

Hedgehog Muslin Square

baby muslin square

Our muslin squares are brilliant accessories for parents with young children, especially our hedgehog variety. Featuring cute hedgehog prints, the muslin square is adorable to look at and soft to the touch.

In addition, this muslin is GOTS-certified, which means that no dyes, chemicals or bleaches have been used in the production process. Your baby is safe from any harsh chemicals.

Bamboo Toothbrush Set

baby toothbrush set in bamboo

When the time comes for your child to learn how to brush their teeth, a sustainable toothbrush is the way forward. That’s where our bamboo toothbrush set comes in.

Available in a range of colours, the set features four brushes that all have soft bristles for a comfy cleaning experience. Plastic-free, toxin-free and 100% biodegradable, our toothbrushes are at the forefront of sustainable, safe child products.

MEYCO 3-Pack Swaddles

baby swaddles 3 pack

If you’re looking to provide a safety blanket for your kids then why not invest in our eco-friendly swaddles pack? Coming in three styles of feathers, clouds and dots, the swaddles are multifunctional and cosy.

Made from cotton, each swaddle can be wrapped around your baby to make them feel warm, loved and safe. Plus, there’s so much you can do with them!

Whether it’s to use after bath time, to cover while breastfeeding or put your child to sleep, the swaddles are versatile. 

Ladybird Reusable Nappy 

reusable nappy in ladybird print

Did you know that 4% of landfill is made up of disposable nappies? We aim to change that with our reusable nappies and one of our favourites is the adorable ladybird print.

Made from polyester and nylon, this nappy is much better for the environment because it can be used multiple times. Super soft and ultra-absorbent, the nappy feels smooth on the skin and limits discomfort.

Another great thing about the ladybird nappy is that its one-size-fits all and can be adjusted by using the fastenings to suit a specific shape.

Pura Aqua Baby Bottle

Pura baby bottle in blue

Teach your children about the importance of recycling from a young age by giving them a plastic-free water bottle. This Pura bottle is made from silicone and doesn’t have any toxic chemicals, allowing your child to feed safely and happily.

In the future we’ll continue to build on our collection of eco-friendly products and put the spotlight on materials like bamboo and silicone that have become exceptional alternatives to plastic.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our sustainable baby and child product range and are happy to receive feedback in the comments below. For more information on our full range, be sure to read our FAQs page.


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