Introducing Dirty What?

Introducing Dirty What?

We want to empower you, our customers, community, and friends to make the right choices. We know we talk a lot about the planet, but we also want to make sure you’re prioritising your own health and living environment too. Dirty What? works across household cleaning, personal care, and beauty, to help customers understand labels, tell them what to look out for and some clean swap alternatives, and provides access to reviews. 

We think what they’re doing is pretty brilliant, which is why we’ve partnered with them. Across our product range, Dirty What? will provide honest reviews and an eco-rating so you’ll know exactly how good they are for the planet. What’s more, you’ll also be able to understand whether ingredients might trigger allergic reactions or be a bad mix with your skin. It’s all about empowering you to make the right choices for yourself. 

Dirty What? X EcoVibe


OK EcoVIbe, what’s in it for us?

The founder of Dirty What?, Tanya Battle realised that to heal ourselves, we need to address the toxins that are around us in the products we use, the products we consume, and those we put on our bodies. With the average household containing around 62 toxic chemicals, many of which have been linked to chronic conditions and even cancer, it’s vitally important that we take care of our health. 

To take responsibility for our own health, we need to educate ourselves so that we can begin to detoxify our physical environments. Dirty What? is for consumers to do exactly that, to educate themselves. 

Our partnership means you’ll see Dirty What? content across our site. You’ll gain access to key information to help you make the right choices. This could mean switching from scented to unscented laundry products for your skin or choosing a solid shampoo over a refill due to a lesser carbon footprint. 

We love what they’re doing, but that doesn’t mean that we have an influence over the information they are adding. They’ll be providing you with impartial advice and knowledge so that you can look beyond the label, and beyond our marketing team (sorry guys!) 

Dirty What? are on a mission to end greenwashing by calling it out. They recommend looking for specifics in ecological claims, such as how quickly something will biodegrade and keeping an eye out for certain ingredients. 

For example, 75% of everyday cleaning products contain phthalates. Phthalates make scents last longer in fragranced household and beauty products. Why do we want to avoid Phthalates? It is a potential carcinogen with a risk to male fertility. Currently, there’s no law that instructs companies to declare any phthalates hidden in the ‘perfume’ or ‘fragrances’ in products.


Hang on EcoVibe, so you’re exposing yourself and your products?

Yep, absolutely! We feel that a partnership with Dirty What? is exactly what we need. Firstly, we want to showcase the eco-credentials of our products because greenwashing makes us mad too. 

Education is something we care a lot about, and we truly believe that knowledge is power and we want to share that knowledge with our community. 

It’s also going to make us work harder. If our products aren’t up to scratch according to Dirty What?® it will inspire us to fix the problems, to pivot, and rebuild. We recognise we’re only human, so we aren’t perfect, which is why being held to account by an external body is only going to inspire us to do better. 

And what’s great about that is, it means we will do better for our community, we’ll make EcoVibe better, our products better, and we’ll be working together to do that. 

Anything else we should know? 

As well as reviews and a dictionary highlighting what you need to know about ingredients, Dirty What? will also suggest clean swaps for you. You’ll soon be able to search by product, and they’ll be able to suggest a cleaner alternative. That means you won’t have to spend loads of time researching this for yourself, making your lives a lot easier. 

As Dirty What? is integrated with our site, you don’t need to do anything, the reviews and ratings will start appearing on our product pages. So you’ll get fully transparent information before you buy. 

Want to learn more about Dirty What? Greenwashing, and the toxins that surround us in day-to-day life? You can sign up to their mailing list here and also connect with them on Instagram

We’re really excited to see Dirty What? revolutionise the products we buy and we hope you’ll support them in their goal. We’ve already learnt so much from Dirty What? and can’t wait to see what our community learns from them too. 

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