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EcoVibe Loves: Treeapp

Looking for a new way to reduce your carbon footprint? Treeapp might be your new favourite download! 

Plant trees for free, every day, in less than a minute with Treeapp. A few taps a day gets your trees planted in the areas that need it the most globally.

How does it work? 

  1. Simply download Treeapp from your usual app store. 
  2. Choose with project you'd like to support. 
  3. Check out three messages or questions from your tree's sponsor. 
  4. Plant your tree with just a tap! 

You can plant a tree everyday and keep a track of your progress, including global impact and your personal carbon footprint. 

Treeapp - progress

Treeapp work with some of the world's biggest NGO partners, including One Tree Planted, to ensure that all trees are implanted correctly and in areas that most need them. 

Treeapp say, "Forests all around the globe, which are already shrinking at an alarming rate, are slowly reaching their maximum carbon storage capacity - they won't be able to absorb much more carbon for the decades to come. At the very least, we need new sources of carbon capture to take up the burden of human industry.

There are lots of different approaches to this problem. But it's only by planting trees that we can increase carbon capture, revitalise species and provide social and economic benefits to local communities."

The planting projects run by Treeapp's NGO partners create not only trees but also local jobs, reduce air, water and soil pollution and bring communities together.

It's not just about the trees and carbon either. 

Trees are super heroes! Not only do they remove carbon and stabilise soil, trees also provide much needed shelter and habitats for wildlife too. Deforestation is driving the extinction of tens of thousands of animal species worldwide. 

Treeapp's mission is to plant 1 million trees a day by 2022! 

An ambitious target but we want to help them hit it. At EcoVibe we believe we're stronger together and we have to act fast to create the change we so dearly need. Download Treeapp today and start doing your bit to combat deforestation.

Check out Treeapp here

 Stay tuned for our interview with Treeapp's founders - coming soon! 

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