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Continuing Your Plastic Free Journey after July

Plastic Free isn’t just for July!

Plastic Free July is a great worldwide initiative aimed at encouraging us to tackle the plastic pollution problem by examining our own plastic consumption. It’s a good opportunity to look at your own plastic usage and discover new ways to cut down. But, how can we continue the good work post July?

The little things…

Make a big difference. Even after Plastic Free July is over, those small changes, such as bamboo cotton buds for example, can have a big impact, and the more who do it, the bigger the impact. Some switches are barely noticeable and some things, such as taking your own bags to the supermarket, can become habit in no time, so keep these up!


One of the best ways to cut back on unnecessary plastic packaging is by refilling, invest in some good quality jars, bottles and produce bags and it can also work out better for your purse! Refill shops have never been as popular and most areas will have a local shop. Research what is near to you. Markets are also a great choice – the food is usually lovely and fresh and often not packaged in plastic.


Join local eco-focused groups in your community, it’s a great way to share tips and information. You’ll often find the best eco-friendly places and spaces by talking to like-minded people, as well as learn plastic-saving hacks you never knew about. You can also follow sustainable influencers on social for more tips and advice – their audience is usually like-minded people so it’s great to pick up tips or get chatting in the comments! Make sure you’re following us on social for more handy tips and advice too - @ecovibeuk.

Challenge Yourself!

You don’t have to wait until next July to challenge yourself, set yourself a challenge at any time – perhaps No Plastic November? You can set different challenges each month too, such as no takeaways in September. Get your family involved, a fun way to do this is by keeping a visual tracker of how much plastic you have saved – it’s always motivational to see a tangible result. Perhaps you could offer incentives when you hit certain milestones – get creative!

Pick it up

You don’t just have to look at your own habits to make an impact, caring for the planet means keeping it clean. Why not organise a litter pick-up with your local community? This can be a great way to make friends and meet like-minded people. As well as being unsightly, litter, especially plastic, is especially harmful to wildlife so a litter pick-up is a great idea.
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