Beeswax Wrap Guide

Beeswax Wrap Guide

Beeswax wraps have exploded on TikTok, with videos about making, using, and maintaining beeswax wraps gathering millions of views. Ready to be part of one of the biggest eco-friendly trends of the year? We gotcha covered. 

We cover how to use beeswax wraps, what they can be used for, how long wax wraps should last, and how best to take care of them to increase their lifespan. We even introduce you to a vegan beeswax wrap alternative and suggest what you can do with your wraps once they’ve reached the end of their life. 

How to use beeswax wraps:

When you open a packet of beeswax wraps for the first time, they’re likely to be a little bit stiff. 

The first thing you should do is open them out, flex and fold them, to really loosen them up. The heat from your hands should also help loosen the wax on the product. Once loosened and warmed up, mould the wrap around or over what you want to cover. 

As the beeswax wraps cool down, they’ll quickly seal to safely store what you’re needing to store. It really is that simple!

What can beeswax wraps be used for? 

Sure, wax wraps are great for storing food, whether it’s wrapping up sandwiches or covering leftovers but they can offer so much more. 

Use wax wraps to keep cheese fresh and prove dough. The wraps lend themselves to food, as beeswax is actually naturally antibacterial. 

You can also create your own piping bags, mould your wrap into a pouch for loose items like fresh herbs and spices. 

 Always taking lint off your toothbrush when you pack it in your luggage? Wrap it in a beeswax wrap to keep it safe. 

 A lover of solid soap and shampoo? Store it in a beeswax wrap to protect other items when you’re off on your travels. 

There are so many ways to use beeswax wraps, they’re not just food wraps!

How to clean beeswax wraps:

Your beeswax wraps are going to come into contact with things that will stick to them, whether it’s soap or sandwich crumbs. This means it is important to keep them clean.

Beeswax wraps are sensitive to heat, so don’t wash them under a hot tap. To keep them clean, fill your sink with cold water and a little dish soap. We love this washing up liquid from Wilton London. Pop the wraps in the sink and give them a good scrub, using a hard brush is absolutely fine. Then hang them up to dry and store them in a cool dry place. Simple!

How long do beeswax wraps last?

If your wraps are well taken care of, you should expect to be able to use them for up to a year, maybe more. You’ll need to give them some extra love every couple of months so that they last as long as possible!

How to care for beeswax wraps:

There are some basics to looking after your wraps. 

Make sure you don’t microwave them and keep them away from any heat - wax is flammable after all. Avoid wrapping anything particularly oily or acidic as this can break down the wax and shorten the lifespan of your wrap and we wouldn’t recommend wrapping raw meat or fish in a wrap, as it could cause cross-contamination. 

Wraps looking a bit sad? There are a few ways you can give your wraps some extra care and attention. 

The electric oven method requires you to heat your oven to 60 degrees centigrade and put your wraps on a baking sheet between 2 pieces of baking paper for 3-4 minutes. This should re-melt the wax so it will spread back out - a great way of getting rid of any cracks. Once out of the oven, simply waft to cool. 

A similar result can be achieved by again sandwiching the wrap between two sheets of baking paper and applying a medium heated iron. 

Every couple of months we recommend that you refresh the wax on your beeswax wraps. You can even purchase vegan refresher blocks on our site. 




To re-wax, place an old tea towel on your ironing board, cover with baking paper, then the wrap. Grate the refresher block on top, place another sheet of baking paper on top and then move an iron across the wax.

Once this is done, quickly remove the baking paper, and waft to set.

I’m vegan, what should I use instead of beeswax wraps? 

Luckily, there are some fabulous vegan-friendly alternatives to beeswax wraps that use a vegan wax alternative. That way you can ensure you’re not using any animal-based products and still reducing your usage of single-use plastics like clingfilm. 




What should I do with beeswax wraps once I’m done with them?

Whether vegan or not, waxed wraps can be popped straight into the compost and will break down naturally. 

You can also use them as very effective firelighters if you’re hosting a spring-summer barbeque or lighting a fire. 

Ready to make the switch? 

Whether you’re looking for basic beeswax wraps, food pouches, or are wanting to make your own, we’ve got you covered!


 So we’ve introduced you to the how-to's of beeswax wraps, a TikTok trend we can totally get behind. From taking care of your beeswax wraps, what you should and shouldn’t be wrapping up in these clever plastic saving wraps and how to take care of them. From reheating your wraps in the oven or using an iron to how to re-wax your wraps when they need a bit of extra love. 

Are you a beeswax wrap convert already? We love to hear it. Let us know on social media or in the comments below your most ingenious uses of wax wraps. 

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