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5 Ways to Reduce Plastic on the Go!

Cut out the Plastic While You’re Out and About!

As we continue into Plastic Free July, we’re looking at lots of different ways in which we can reduce our plastic usage. The aim of Plastic Free July is to encourage everyone to become more conscious about their plastic consumption and make small changes to help the planet. Some changes are more obvious and easier than others, but what about when you leave home, how can you carry on the good work? Read below for our tips on staying plastic-free on the go.

1. Travel cups

Chances are, when you’re away from home, you’re going to want a hot drink at some point. Most takeaway cups aren’t recyclable and are bad for the environment. Investing in a travel cup is a great way to cut back on your single-use plastic. So you never forget it, carry it with you, leave in your car, at your desk or by your door.

Reusable Coffee Cup

2. Plastic-free food

Cling film and other plastic wraps are usually single-use only and terrible for the environment, they end up in landfill where they can’t break down. Instead, try beeswax wraps for when you’re out and about and need to keep food fresh. They’re much better for the planet, but also for your wallet as they’re reusable and, if looked after well, can last for months.

Wax Food Wraps

3. Take your own!

If you’re going on holiday or staying overnight somewhere consider taking your own toiletries. The hospitality industry is making strides in becoming more green, but you’ll often find single-use mini toiletries in hotels. Decant your own shampoo, body wash and lotions into reusable jars or even better, take bars, that way you’re guaranteed no leaks! Our shampoo bars are one of our best sellers and last for ages!

Shampoo Bars

4. Re-usable

When you’re away from home it’s inevitable that you’re going to be eating and drinking, but you can still keep up your plastic-free effort. Invest in reusable cutlery and straws, they’re always handy when you’re buying lunch on the move, but also means you don’t have to use the single-use plastic cutlery that often comes with take away food.

 Reusable Steel Straws

5. Plan your journey!

Wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing, it’s always a good idea, especially during Plastic Free July, to take a little time to plan ahead. Being prepared means you can ensure you have everything you need to keep up your great Plastic Free July (or any month, for that matter!).
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