5 eco-friendly activities perfect for the school holidays

5 eco-friendly activities perfect for the school holidays

We’re now deep into the UK school summer holidays, with four weeks to go, so we won’t blame you if you’re running out of ideas to keep your little ones entertained! 
Planning six whole weeks’ worth of activities is a tough job, especially if you’re trying to consider your environmental impact. In our convenience-driven modern world, the usual kid-friendly activities can be at odds with protecting our planet, and it’s difficult for busy parents to invest the time into planning alternatives. 
Fret not however! For we at EcoVibe have listed five of our favourite eco-friendly activities which are ideal for the school holidays, to provide some inspiration and keep you on track with your sustainability goals. 

 1.Turn litter picking into a game 

We know, we know – litter picking might not sound like the most enthralling summer activity, but hear us out! The earlier you can teach your kids about littering, the better, and it’s actually the perfect activity for making into your own little game. 
There could be different teams, point systems for different types of items picked up, and prizes for the winners (with of course everybody getting a little something!). 
Pick a particularly sunny day, set out the game rules, and watch your children treat litter like it’s the most exciting thing since Fortnite! 
beach clean up

2. Grow your own veggies

Did you know that this week is National Allotment Week? Why not celebrate by teaching your kids all about this relaxing and rewarding pastime. They’re sure to be fascinated and enthralled by the idea of growing their very own food from scratch! 
If you don’t have access to an allotment or garden, a Bottle Farm works just as well. This wonderful contraption lets you grow crops from the comfort of your own home, no matter the size. Your kids then get to watch their herbs and vegetables grow throughout the summer, giving them something to be involved in and responsible for everyday! Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to teach them about upcycling. 
bottle farm

3. Go to a refill shop  

Kids love anything interactive, which makes a refill shop the perfect opportunity to try something new during the holidays. They’ll love getting properly involved in the food shop, from distributing, to weighing, to writing out their own labels! What’s more, it’ll give you a great opportunity to teach your kids about waste and the importance of being plastic free. 
Visit the Zero Waste Network to find the closest refill shop to you. 

4Make a pirate’s den 

Purchasing sustainably-made items that can be used time and time again is a major life hack when it comes to eco-friendly activities for children, and this Pirate Den Kit is a perfect example! It’s made in the UK, contains no single-use plastic, and can be reused as many times as your children’s imaginations permit!
Packed full of real tools, this kit gives children the freedom and autonomy to build their very own pirate hideaway - the perfect summer adventure without ever leaving the garden. Drive curiosity, teamwork and both logical and creative thinking whilst helping the planet - that sounds like a winner to us! 
pirate den

5. Visit local beauty spots 

Whether it’s a nearby park or a tourist nature hotspot, taking your children on days out to local beauty areas is a fantastic way to fill eco-friendly days across the summer holidays. It gets your family outside, sparks their interest in nature, and is the perfect setting for their imaginations to run wild. Bonus points if you can take the bus and bring your own picnic! 
Check out our blog post on 5 ways to reduce plastic on the go for more tips on sustainable days out. 
Well done on all of your eco-friendly efforts so far, and know that each step you take goes a long way in protecting the Earth for our children and beyond! It’s not easy when you’re a busy parent, so you deserve a big pat on the back for taking the time to create a more sustainable future. 
If you need more eco-friendly tips and tricks, be sure to check out the rest of our blog! 
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